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Our intensive math programs are designed for Grade 1 to Grade 12 students with strong interest in math. Students learn at much faster pace and greater depth than standard Canadian curriculum. We motivate students to appreciate math and logical thinking.  Through an optimal b...

language Arts

Mandarin Immersion Program: Optimal balance of knowledge and fun Cater to all levels Integrates practice and learning High caliber teaching team with intrinsic ability to motivate students and manage classroom Interactive exercises in the form of stories, games, poems...


PMCA chess classes are divided into four levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and VIP. All PMCA coaches have nationally recognized titles and many years of chess teaching experience. Our training classes include detailed instruction, rated training tournament, and game analy...

Visual Arts

At Philip Embark Visual Art Studio, students were taught by experienced teachers, so that children in the authoring environment full of fun, enjoy the art of painting, rich in observation and imagination, creativity, show themselves and enhance self-confidence....


Per week class including mathematics separate classes for simulation contest, English speech reading writing, teaching chess game, homework, Chinese classes taught painting and other exciting projects....


Enrollment object is for those who are interested in math and chess SK-G 8 students of all ages. Features mathematics Chess English Speech outdoor sports. Activities include practice exercises, race simulations, group counseling, master classes, competitions, the wheels of war, E...

:: Latest News ::
Philip set sail, aiming high-end boutique school
PMCA Player Michael Song Won 2016 CYCC Group 18 and Open
PMCA Gifted Math Students Won 32 Gold Medals in 2016 Kangaroo Math Contest
PMCA Won 14 Gold Medals in 2015 Kangaroo Math Contest
PMCA Won School and Individual Champions from 2014 Mathematica Contests
2014 Math Kangaroo PMCA Won Sixteen Gold Medals
Harmony Zhu Won a Gold Medal in WYCC 2013
Founded in 2007, Philip Embark Education has a strong track record in math and chess. To help children become well-rounded individuals, we expanded our curriculum to include English Public speaking, Mandarin, Visual Art, and After-school program. 

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